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With so little time left in the race for the election of the 10 members of the MUA Committee, your votes could be a crucial leg up for some of the 14 candidates in the running.

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Here are the candidates, with a link to previous MoodleNews coverage if available, in random order.

If you are not a MUA member, you still have plenty of time to join. You’ll get your votes and be able to use them immediately.

Other important considerations:

  • You have a number of votes available depending on the level of your membership, which you can give to candidates in the distribution of your choice.
  • The voting only chooses the Committee members. The roles (Chairperson, Secretary, Treasury) will be determined at a later date.
  • Voting is anonymous.

Voting ends at UTC Midnight of October 2nd, 2017. See how many hours are left below:

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