Take It Outside! With Treasure Hunt For Moodle

The Treasure Hunt plugin allows teachers to create real-life treasure hunts and quests using geolocation and QR codes. Students can use mobile devices to participate in the adventure taking place in the world at large without having to download any special app.

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The hunt is made out of one or several roads, each of which is made out of several stages. Teachers and designers can create them by drawing on a built-in map editor. They can also create activities, such as multiple-choice questions, that students must solve once they reach the destination to check it off their road. Bonuses and penalties can be added according to a variety of criteria.

The treasure hunt can count toward course grading as well. The educator can provide absolute marks or competitive (relative) ones by setting 100% of the grade to the best finishing time. Completed activities or “riddles” can also be set to define the grade. Penalization can be set as a percentage as well.

To use Treadure Hunt in the field, students can access the website from their mobile browsers. Developer Juan Pablo de Castro informs us the website features a QR code reader that works in Chrome and Firefox for Android or iOS 11 devices.

Install or download the Treasure Hunt plugin for Moodle here. It is compatible with Moodle 2.9 to 3.3.

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