Do you want to insert the social element within the Moodle Quiz? By inserting the social element I mean to say that if students can send you a feedback about the Quiz questions. Marcus Green – Senior Analyst Developer at Moodle HQ delivered his presentation during the MoodleMoot Ireland & UK 2017 (#Mootieuk17) about the Student Quiz Moodle Plugin and How it can be used to make Moodle Quizzing social.
At the time of presentation the Student Quiz plugin was waiting in the plugins list for approval. Later on when it was approved, we had covered it in this article. You can watch the video recording of the presentation as shared by Moodle HQ team below:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

 Marcus shared the advantages of the Student quiz plugin for teachers as:

  • Get students to do some of the work
  • Inventing question is difficult
  • Pick out the best ones and reuse elsewhere

From the social aspect, the plugin allows the students to score based on certain activities like:

  • Creating a question scores 10 points
  • Creator gets 3 points for each star
  • Answering correctly scores 2 points.

The students will be able to see their ranking in the class which will motivate them to improve.
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The plans for the Student quiz plugin includes:

  • Gamification
  • Control of available questions types
  • Using Badges
  • Improved Statistics Page especially for trainer view
  • Display transparent scoring calculation when hover over ranking points

Download both the Student Quiz plugins from the following links:

Do you ever stuck up while creating a large question bank? What is your opinion about the idea behind this plugin and how useful it will be for other teachers? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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