Adrian Grieve has a challenge for you: Gamify a Moodle course using only the standard activities. No plugins. Any ideas how? Perhaps you could add some playfulness to the content or tweak the scoring. It is really an open-ended question with many right answers.

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Now in reality, you can add plugins to enrich and simplify the gamification. But for Grieve, the mental exercise is worthwhile. As he co-developed the popular Stash plugin family, recently featured in the official Moodle blog, he will be the first to warn you: Don’t put lipstick on a pig. Not even Stash, the “Reviewer’s Choice” Badge awardee, can correct course without a sense of wonder, genuine interest for the subject, or at least clarity about their goals.

If you have already envisioned a course where students can dive deep and reach far, Stash could play a key role in reinforcing curiosity as a learning strategy. Stash downplays the importance of following a pre-defined route and instead encourages thoroughness — and some friendly competition, if that’s what you’re in to. As its name suggests, Stash allows you to place “magical” items across course sections for students to collect. They can be visible, hidden, or unlocked after activity completion. A limited number of items can be available, to be earned only by the first users. A text filter makes it easier to add Stash items anywhere there is a text editor.

Stash 1.2.2 is already compatible with Moodle 3.4.

Find the Stash plugin family at the Moodle Plugin Directory here.

Read the update “Gamify your course and send your students on a fun learning journey using the Stash Block” at

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