It tops their comprehensive MoodleBites “Moodle for X” offering, X standing for, inter alia, Teachers, Course Designers, Administrators, Theme Designers, and Developers, which basic and advanced levels for the last three. They are designed with accessibility in mind.
The “Moodle Mobile MOOC” is intended to provide real-life training and experience of Moodle in Mobile devices. HRDNZ expects students to take course on mobile devices or environments “exclusively“. It also makes clear it is not an introductory Moodle course and some background with the LMS is expected.
The course starts May 1st, and will run for 4 weeks on an estimated 2-3 hours per week workload. But sign up is already live. As preparation for May, a “Preparation” area is now available with overviews about the course, Moodle Mobile access instructions, a “pre-course” forum and even a weekly selection of readings.
As a Moodle Partner, the MOOC are practically official Moodle training. In fact, HRDNZ is authorized to provide Moodle Course Creation Certificate (MCCC) training.
Along with the Mobile MOOC, an upcoming “MoodleBites SCORM Creator” has been announced.
On an informal note-disclaimer, one of the instructors is our very own Jean-Marc Doucet, contributor of MoodleNews’ French Friday. He also oversees the French-speaking version of the MOOC.
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