On The Road: Auteco, And An LMS That Saves Lives

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A recent overview of Auteco, a Colombian motorcycle manufacturer, and a motorcycle safety program they put in place, features in Moodlerooms’ E-Learn Magazine.
Education programs conducted by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), a non-profit organization that advocates for motorcycle road safety, showed Auteco the potential reach and positive impacts of online learning to bring awareness and caution to existing and aspiring bikers.
This led to a comprehensive social responsibility with the Moodlerooms LMS at the helm. Iván García, Social Responsibility Chief for Auteco, highlights how Moodlerooms not only offered a reliable platform for an educational offer that was free and available to every motorcyclist, but allowed them to “reach many people in a fun and enjoyable manner”.
The heart of Auteco online education program, in every sense of the word, was “Teco”, a character representative of the ideal Auteco customer. “Teco is an exemplary, well-educated motorcyclist who knows his vehicle (…) and the responsibilities he assumes when riding a motorcycle”. Teco is also a guide over a basic motorcycle riding and safety syllabus. He makes the course more amenable, while he plays an important part in adapting its contents to the local context.
The program has been met with praise, but for García it was only the beginning. Today, Auteco offers several learning courses and games, a “Teco Quiz” app, social media programs, plus live initiatives and partnerships. Through Moodlerooms, Auteco has provided free online and face-to-face education to more than 7,000 motorcyclists to date.
Find out more at Auteco’s Social Responsability page (in Spanish).

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