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Dear Mr. Moodle,

Is there any way to integrate with PowerSchool, so test scores could migrate to PowerSchool? Also, is there any way to organize test results by question over multiple tests that are the same? How about being able to analyze standards or benchmarks by attaching them to test questions?


David Harms

Dear David,

Let’s break it all down.

PowerSchool and Moodle integration

If all you need is to send test scores produced by Moodle activities, you can use a CSV file. It’s not the most elegant option, but it gets the job done. Head out to Grade administration > Export and follow the options. Read more about Grade export in Moodle here.

Once you are in PowerSchool, this video can help. The CSV import starts at about the 20-second mark.

A more full-fledged alternative, albeit not a free one, is IntelliBoard. In addition to Gradebook, IntelliBoard also synchronizes complete courses, students, and activities in real-time and offers extra support.

Display results by answers from questions in tests that are different

The answers from here on only focus on functionality available in Moodle.

If what you want is to generate a list of questions from multiple tests (from the same or different activities or even courses) and then sort them or filter them according to the results in one of the questions, I’m afraid currently there is no tool that does the job.

You can, however, view and export answers from the Quiz responses report, which shows responses on a quiz-by-quiz basis.

A complete solution to cover your specific need is not currently available, but this does not mean you cannot build your own solution. Having some basic SQL skills will come a long way here. You can use the Ad-hoc database queries plugin to build just about any request you can think of (see some ideas here and here). You can even automate the task by creating reporting rules using Moodle’s Event monitoring.

Analyze questions according to standards or benchmarks

The Grade distribution plugin by AMC gives you a visual way to compare scores and compare them across grades standards. Don’t forget to check out the cheat sheet that comes with the plugin.

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