In Moodle terminology, a course format refers to the layout of a course elements. By default, Moodle comes with four different course formats. However, as a Moodle administrator you can easily add, enable or disable the course formats available for teachers.
Being Modular in nature, Moodle allows you to add new course formats through Moodle plugins. There are many handy Moodle course formats like Collapsed Topics, Buttons etc. in the Moodle plugins directory which allows you to customize the layout of your course.
One such course format Moodle plugin is eTask course format. It is based on the default topics format. The eTask course format includes grading table on the top of the course page.It provides grading table of many activity types such as assign, quiz, SCORM, Workshop etc.
This can be a huge motivating factor for your students as they can see the grades of other students in different activities within the course. This can be used in a classroom where you want the students to know about each other and compete with each other. It will make them motivated to do better than their peers.
Motivate students in your Moodle course using eTask course format

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eTask Course Format Features:

In the latest update to the eTask course format, Martin Drlík – maintainer of the plugin, introduced many new features. Few major features are as follows:

  • Fully responsive and ready for mobile,
  • logged in student is always at the first row of the grading table,
  • Activity popover – Shows activity popover with due date (expected completion date if due date is missing), grade to pass and optionally passed and completed progress bars.
  • Grade to pass settings – Allows set up grade to pass in a course editing mode. It includes scales as well!
  • Highlighting of grading values – Highlights grading value by different status (completed, passed, failed). Completed status is applied through the activity completion in the activity settings.
  • Private view – Private view allows to see only own grades to students.
  • Scales – It is possible to use user defined scales in the grading activities. 

Teacher can edit course activities by clicking on activity headers; update the grade to pass directly without going to the activity setting; links from activity headers goes to activity edit page; links from grade table cells goes to activity grading.
The students can click only on activity headers which will take them directly to the activity. While hovering over the activity headers it will show the activity popover with information about grades to pass, passed and completed progress bars.
You can download the latest version of the eTask course format from the Moodle plugins directory here. The latest version is compatible with Moodle 2.9 onwards till Moodle 3.4.
For more information about setup and configuration, check out the documentation page here.
Have you ever used the eTask course format on your Moodle? How was your experience with it? What are the other course formats which you are using? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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