Moodlenomics: Are Moodle Skills A Sensible Investment?
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Taking the time to learn a new skill is, like any investment, a decision with costs, rewards, and risks to ponder. In the case of programming languages, however, reports and analyses consistently thwart these risks, as experts and forecasting models agree that the already unfulfilled demand for software developers will remain so in the next decade.

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Now, imagine you make the commitment today to invest a few hours every week for the next three to five years to cultivate your programming skills. Should you become a Moodle developer? Consider the following facts before you decide:

In the grand scheme of programming skills, Moodle is not a popular language. It ranks 2120 in repo popularity. But by offering you a development framework that integrates these technologies, it could give you more practical and realistic programming experience from the start.

Besides, the Moodle Forum is an active and helpful community where newbies and pros alike can find answers and discuss ideas about Moodle and beyond.

So while you improve on your PHP, SQL, JavaScript, and CSS, get started with the Moodle Documentation:

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