MoodleCloud Sites, Ready For Your Cutting-Edge Learning With Moodle 3.4

In the coming days, users of MoodleCloud will begin to experience the many enhancements made under (and outside of) the hood, courtesy of Moodle 3.4, aka the “Usability Release.”

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Owners of existing MoodleCloud sites, free and premium, do not have to do anything other than wait for their sites to be automatically upgraded. Once they do, a few visible new additions will appear: Links to previous and next activities once the student is in the “flow” of things, or a “jump to” drop-down menu for something completely different (within the context of the course). The Calendar is also a focus of improvement, with modern-looking event creation and editing options, as well as compatibility, sharing, and sync with popular calendar clients.

The expanded, single-page user and enrollment management capabilities are also available in MoodleCloud, allowing teachers to view, search, filter, and edit users and their enrollment status. In short, the whole new set of Moodle 3.4 enhancements is waiting for new and existing MoodleCloud users, as it is accessed through the official Moodle Mobile app.

At MoodleMoot Miami last November, Martin Dougiamas claimed there were more than 25,000 active MoodleCloud sites, with an undisclosed number of users, enrollments, and revenues. While more organizations adopt the service in a formal manner, the Moodle SaaS is yet to evolve into a robust enough solution for the larger organizations.

Read the update “MoodleCloud sites to be upgraded to the latest major version – Moodle 3.4” at

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