Moodle Theme Roundup: ‘Boost’ Meets Kraus Edition | Conoce Los Nuevos Temas 'Kraus' Para Moodle
“Variations on a theme” by Eric Fischer is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Brazilian Moodler Eduardo Kraus has published his variations on the “Boost” theme, which makes them child themes of both “Boost” and Kraus. They are a result of an attempt to bring material design standards into Moodle.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

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However, at this time only two of the announced Kraus-“Boost” trilogy are available at the Moodle Plugin Directory. Check them out here (theme_boostb) or here (theme_boost_learning) if “Boost Learning” is already available.

‘Boost Magnific’

As described by Kraus, it just “makes learning simpler.” Icons are placed next to items, rather than replacing them, for better navigation.

As a child of “Boost,” the collapsible navigation bar (“NavBar”) hides under a top left hamburger icon that appears and resizes the main window contents when clicked instead of hiding them.

Changing the header background is straightforward from the theme settings page.

‘Boost Training’

This one allows fixed masthead (the section above the heading) customization of color and logo.

But perhaps the most noticeable difference from “Magnific” is the doubling down on icons, this time populating every option on the “NavBar.”

Collapsing the bar keeps a ribbon visible showing only the icons.

It plays perfectly nice with Moodle’s newest features, including the Course Overview and the new Calendar, yet to hit the virtual shelves.

Also updated in the last month:

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