Liberal Arts Hackers? Only In CLAMP’s Summer Moodle Hack/Doc Fest

Liberal Arts Hackers? Only In CLAMP's Summer Moodle Hack/Doc Fest

CLAMP, or the Collaborative Liberal Arts Moodle Project, gathers people from liberal arts colleges and universities in the United States, interested in creating an online environment that supports liberal arts education. Since their beginning ―this June’s Hack/Doc Fest will be CLAMP’s 20th― their efforts to improve Moodle for their benefit had ended up spilling over the “Moodleverse” as a whole.

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CLAMP’s Hack/Doc Fests take place twice a year. They bring together technologists and developers, educators and instructors, keen enthusiasts, for “intense days of conversation, problem-solving, and experimentation” around Moodle.

We find bugs. We write code. We test new features. We bring our college’s biggest challenges to Hack/Doc with the knowledge that we’ll be working with a community that has an excellent chance of knowing how to solve them.

Hack/Doc Fests do not have a structured schedule, like that of more formal conferences. While there is an initial shortlist of tasks to accomplish, the priorities take the shape of the attendees’. Read more on the philosophy of Hack/Doc Fests here.

There are no registration fees for the Fest per se, and no lodging, transportation or food will be offered. Sign up for CLAMP’s Summer Hack/Doc Fest to run from June 21st to 23rd here.

And find out more about the Summer Hack/Doc Fest at


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