H5P – the next generation format for interactive content is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. To cater the needs of growing community, H5P team is organizing the first ever H5P conference 2017 from 11 Sept – 13 Sept in Tromsø, Norway – the hometown of the current H5P Core team.
The H5P community is growing and in the spirit of H5P, the community conference is organized. The H5P con 2017 will be the opportunity for talented and enthusiastic people for innovation. There is a huge potential for a cross-pollination of ideas and the sharing of business opportunities among people from all countries and all kinds of organizations.
The conference will be held at the offices of The Norwegian Centre for ICT in education in the center of Tromsø. The conference program includes training for both content creators and developers. Whether you are new to H5P or early adopter, there will be training sessions for participants at all levels, taught by the core H5P team.
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H5p Conference 2017 Program:

The program for the first ever H5P con 2017 will cover the following topics over a period of 3 days from 11-13th September 2017:

  • Introduction to H5P, for beginners
  • Efficient content creation with H5P
  • Customizing and extending H5P, for advanced users.
  • Adapting H5P for beginners
  • Accessibility
  • H5P Hackathon (for content creators + developers)
  • Content creation tips
  • Content creation tips – H5P and Learning Record Stores
  • Voting and design session – workshop on the road-map

Are you ready to join the first ever H5P con 2017? Still early bird pricing is valid for the H5P con 2017. For more details about conference program and registration, check out this page.
Are you ready to enhance your H5P skills with the first ever H5P conference? Do let us know in the comments below.

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