Introducing Moodle Desktop, Dedicated App For Windows 10 Devices | Moodle Desktop, La Nueva Aplicación Para Dispositivos Windows 10

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Stealthily developed by Moodle HQ’s Mobile Team, The “Moodle Desktop” app is available for free download from the Windows Store.

With this app, users of Microsoft devices, be it desktop computers or Surface tablets, will have faster access to everything Moodle is known for:

  • Full access to courses, content and activity
  • Content download for offline access
  • Complete activities, like quizzes, wikis and forum posting, even offline
  • Upload files directly from the app
  • Get notifications and see deadlines
  • Check grades and learning progress

It is expected that Moodle Desktop will bring immense benefits to key users, such as K-12 population or Microsoft-exclusive workplaces.

Moodle Desktop will join the regular update schedule of all Moodle Mobile apps, set to every two months. It runs on 64-bit machines only and weighs 88,12 MB approximately.

The app is currently available for devices running Windows 10. The Moodle Mobile team has promised soon availability of Moodle Desktop for Windows 8 and 7.

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  1. It would be better if the article mentioned that to use it to its fullest, you need the latest version of Moodle running at your school. Otherwise, you’ll see “Oops!” and “Open in browser” everywhere.


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