Getting meaningful analytics data for taking pedagogical decisions from your online learning environment is a difficult challenge for individual teachers. Most of the reporting tools are often provided as a paid service and the free tools are limited in terms of the capabilities to give different reports.
Let’s say that you want few basic reports about student interaction within your course activities and you want to communicate them about improvising over that. Fortunately, Moodle has a very capable plugin which can create graphs intended to help pedagogical decisions. It can generate different graphs about students behavior inside the course and as a teacher you can contact them directly through messages.
The Block plugin – “Analytics Graphs” is developed by Marcelo Schmitt and is available for Moodle 3.0 onwards. The plugin can generate the following reports:

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  • The grades distribution in a box graph.
  • Which users accessed file and URL resources.
  • Which users have submitted assignments on time or late (tasks, quizzes and hot-potatoes).
  • How each user is accessing the course and its resources in each course week.

How to obtain meaningful data for pedagogical decisions from your Moodle course #Moodleplugins

I really like the functionality of sending messages to non-performing students through the report page directly. It is also possible to click over graph elements to send email to a group of students or to a particular student.
As a Moodle plugin and without any external subscription, the Analytics Graphs plugin provides useful and meaningful data especially for individual teachers.You can download the Analytics Graphs plugin here.
What are the other reports which you would like to generate from your Moodle course? Let us know your requirements in the comments below.
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