How to build an online MOOC course on Moodle – Presentation by Dr. Ahmad Mikati #moodle #MOOC


Are you also looking to start teaching online MOOC course with Moodle as your online learning management system? Getting all the ingredients right in place to create your first Moodle course for MOOC’s is difficult task for Moodle users. How do you create a Moodle course for MOOC courses?
Dr. Ahmad Mikati – Course Chair and Coordinator at Arab Open University, created an astonishing presentation for creating MOOC like online Moodle courses. The presentation covers the basics of creating a Moodle course which can reach an unlimited number of participants with an open access via the web.
How to build an online MOOC course on Moodle - Presentation by Dr. Ahmad Mikati #Moodle
For newbie Moodle teachers, who are getting started to create their first Moodle course, however there is a typical progression that a teacher might go through as they learn to use the Moodle tools. Check it out here.
In the presentation, Dr. Ahmad shared the insights of MOOC design patterns. He also pondered upon the steps involved in building a Moodle lesson including planning, formation and content. He also covered about the steps in backing up a Moodle course which can be reused on other Moodle sites. Check out the presentation below:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Have you ever created a Moodle course for MOOC? Do you have any special tips and tricks to share for creating a MOOC course on Moodle? Do share with us in the comments section below.


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