H5P is rapidly becoming the default standard for creating rich HTML5 based interactive content which can be reused and shared easily. H5P is gaining more and more popularity with Moodle users which is clear by the popularity of the H5P moodle plugin. The plugin stands at the 7th most downloaded plugin in the last 3 months and the 3rd one in the activities list. (See the latest Moodle plugins stats here.)
Recently, a new version of the H5P plugin for Moodle is release with a brand new feature of content hub. The new content hub feature address the problems for new authors in picking up the right content type. With the new content hub feature the users will see in the Content-Type selector when updates are available, and they can install them with the click of a button. 
The best thing which I liked the most is the link to the example link when you select any content type. The example link will show the basic usage for the selected content type.
H5P Moodle Plugin - Check out the new content Hub feature @h5p #moodle
The new hub feature will allow the users to easily select the right content type for their purpose and deploy it. In future version of the hub, it will be extremely easy to share content with upcoming versions of the Hub. The release process for the H5P plugins is also geared up with more frequent releases almost every week.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

The goal is to make the H5P Hub the best, biggest and most accessible repository for interactive content in the world.

One more new content type added to the growing list of content types. The new content type “Audio Recorder” provides you a free HTML5 audio recorder. This new content type will pose a good challenge to PoodLL – the evergreen Moodle in terms of audio recording capabilities.

Upcoming H5P Major features:

Major new features are also under development like:

  • Speeding up the accessibility upgrades of almost all Content types!
  • A new content type where the learner answers with his voice and downloads an audio file
  • Another new content type where the learner answers with his voice and get instant feedback via voice recognition
  • Yet another new content type for adaptive courses where existing content types may be put together and the path the learner takes is based on his answers and results.
  • Drupal 8 port
  • TikiWiki integration
  • Subtitles for Interactive Video both with and without YouTube
  • Authors may decide the quality names for videos

Are you using H5P with Moodle? Share your voice with us in the comments section below.

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