Get Infinite Visual Choices (But Not Too Many) With Moodle Theme 'Handlebar' | Obtén Infinitas Opciones Visuales Con 'Handlebar' Para Moodle

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The “Handlebar” theme is a “Boost child.” It takes advantage of the framework from Moodle’s default theme and it inherits the popular Bootstrap framework which fulfills most layout needs. Using “Boost”‘s presets, Handlebar broadens options without having to deal with intricate code. On top of it, it adds special features and pages to make Moodle personalization a breeze.

There are seven features “Handlebar” offers besides all the wealth inherited from “Boost”:

  1. Presets via folder. Add a preset in the form of a SCSS file to the theme/scss/presets folder. It will appear in the preset drop-down menu from the settings page. (Of course, a user interface is also available.)
  2. Extended color picker, as well as the standard custom color settings.
  3. Editable footnotes.
  4. Ability to add images to headers and as background. Courses can have their own header background image.
  5. Social media icons. A basic panel is available. Extra, self-defined icons can be added.
  6. Custom block regions. You can add an element that remains visible only in certain pages and also modify the layout. On small screens, they can stay on top of the content until the user performs a specific action. Another name for these regions is “modal popups.”
  7. Popup pages. They can appear on top of any page. Teachers and staff can have “course management popups.” Students can have “course info popups.”

Because it needs the “Boost” theme as parent, “Handlebar” requires Moodle 3.2 or higher. Install or download the “Handlebar” theme from Moodle’s plugin directory here.

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