What A Difference A Mobile-Friendly, Digitally-Literate Moodle Course Makes!

The brand new Moodle Mobile app, version 3.2.1 is out, but many institutions are still struggling with its implementation. In fact, many institutions are still struggling with incorporating mobile, in general.

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In an effort to help bridge this gap, Moodle has created a demonstration of how to use Moodle Mobile to create a seamless experience for learners. As recently posted on the official moodle.com blog the new “Digital Literacy” demo course is available for all to browse.

Despite being designed for illustrative purposes only, the demo includes some interesting educational material. It features video resources, including one from the UK Open University. It also includes collaborative activities such as forums and a Glossary. Each part of it is designed for smaller mobile screens.

In the forums, Moodle HQ educator Mary Cooch invites us to give “Digital Literacy” a try. On mobile, log into the demo at school.demo.moodle.net as a student role. In there, she suggests attempting the following:

  1. Add an entry to the Glossary.
  2. Make a Choice and manually mark it as complete.
  3. Answer the “Help us help you study more effectively” Survey.
  4. Submit a written and a visual Assignment. For the latter, add a picture taken with your device’s camera.
  5. Download the SCORM Package and the “Fun” Quiz, then respectively access and answer them without internet connection.
  6. Check the Gradebook and Learning Plan. Bonus points if you access as a teacher, grade your own assignments, and then log back in as student and see the grades you gave yourself. Make sure you are tough, but fair.

Make sure to do this within the same hour, before the demo resets.

Read the full blog post at moodle.com.

What should we take into account when deploying content for Moodle Mobile? Tell us in the comments!

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