Emblazon Your Moodle 3.3 With CLAMP's Latest Moodle Liberal Arts Edition

CLAMP, the North American Moodle-focused liberal arts college consortium, has released the first official Moodle – Liberal Arts Edition that is up to date with Moodle 3.3.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Moodle Liberal Arts Edition comes with a couple of changes that become noticeable only after some time using the LMS. The changes have been selected by CLAMP members based on how “essential” they have become. Some of these highlighted differences are:

  • Anonymous Forums: An anonymous user has access to all Moodle Forum activity. This allows backup and restore of forums from a neutral participant.
  • Per-course resource display options: This feature allows specific display options by course to override site defaults.

Moodle LAE also comes with some prepackaged plugins that you can activate selectively:

Even though this is an official release, it should be considered a beta version, pending the first core update Moodle 3.3.1. Moodle LAE users of old versions (2.8 or older) might find significant changes in this new release.

If you think these new features can be valuable, even if you are not strictly a liberal arts teacher, you are still welcome to download Moodle LAE. In any case, CLAMP always makes sure the bulk of their work in Moodle and plugins goes to the core first.

Read the official announcement and download Moodle LAE 3.3 at clamp-it.org.

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