Dulwich College Leverages Moodle To Bolster International Reputation

A case study documenting the expansion of Dulwich College International, a community of six thousand across nine institutions in China and across South East Asia, is now available at moodle.com.

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The reputation of the region’s efficacious primary education system has been noticed. The “mastery mathematics” method of teaching, credited for consistently placing Shanghai and Singapore on the top of the PISA rankings in the subject, is in the process of nationwide implementation by UK officials. Still, the approach has sparked some skepticism down the road. Expectations about effects of high mathematical proficiency on quality employment, productivity, and innovation have yet to materialize.

To ensure a higher level of retention and impact of quality skills, Dulwich’s China schools are partnering with Titus Learning, an official Moodle partner, for a custom-fit LMS that would eventually roll out to network institutions in Singapore, Myanmar, and South Korea.

The result is a Moodle experience that begins with a brand-fitted theme, outlines goals and actions to students in real-time, invites parents to stay on the loop with “behavioral dashboards,” simplifies administrative and mobile support, and integrates with Dulwich’s larger operational enterprise system.

With Titus, Dulwich will continue to improve its Moodle well into 2018 using student feedback and the behavioral data collected.

Read the article “Dulwich College International extends their Moodle site for an international audience!” and download a case study in PDF at moodle.com.

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