Have you ever thought of creating personalized content in your Moodle course? Let us assume a situation where you would like to display a specific content depending on whether the user is enrolled in the current course. How you can do that in Moodle?
Creating personalized course content can result in increase engagement in your Moodle course. To create such type pf personalized course content in Moodle you need to use the “FilterCodes” Plugin. The FilterCodes plugin gives the ability to create customized and personalized site and course content by using plain text tags.
You can easily insert the name of your students anywhere by simply adding plain text tags like {firstname} into your Moodle site or course content. You can also show/hide any specific content in the course based on the user role. Even it can be used to fill in the user details automatically into Contact Forms. If the condition is not met in the particular context, the specified tag and it’s content will be removed.

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How to use FilterCodes plugin:

The plugin needs no HTML knowledge to use. You can simply insert the plain text tags to use where ever Moodle supports filtering. It will offer you multiple MetaData filters and conditionally displayed content filters. You can also use the Language tags to tag specific text in a particular language by wrapping the text in a plain text pair of {langx xx} {/langx} tags.
The FilterCodes plugin is developed by Michael Milette and is available for Moodle 3.1 version onwards. The work for this plugin is sponsored by TNG Consulting Inc.
Download the latest version of the FilterCodes Moodle plugin through https://moodle.org/plugins/filter_filtercodes Documentation for usage of this plugin is available here.
How you are going to use the FilterCodes plugin on your Moodle site to create personalized content? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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