Cloud Future Ready, Blackboard Learn Is Certified With Interoperability Standard | Lista ante el Futuro, Blackboard Anuncia Compatibilidad con LTI

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Blackboard Inc., the EdTech colossus behind the eponymous Blackboard Learn LMS, ruler of North American colleges, has announced that both their server and cloud versions are fully compatible with the Learning Tools Interoperability standard, version 2.0, by IMS Global.

The LTI standard enables LMS and similar learning content providers and customers to source and deliver content among supporting systems. With LTI compatibility, a teacher can add to their course an interactive activity hosted by a different LMS platform. This opens several opportunities to enrich any offering on any LTI-compatible platform, and possibly a more developed content marketplace.

Moodle was one of the first LMS to stock compatibility with the LTI 1.2 specification. But a project to offer LTI 2.0 compatibility has been in development for almost three years now. Some of the fixes required to achieve so were halted during the Moodle 3.2 roadmap. The LTI 2.0 standard is “backwards compatible,” meaning that it should be able to “consume” and “provide” content to and from Moodle or any other LTI-compatible systems.

LTI 2.0 adds proxy management, private exchange of user credentials, and further credential flow controls.

Recently, Blackboard announced a radical transformation, where new customers choosing a SaaS deployment will be serviced on cloud infrastructure provided by AWS. This “delocalization” of data and applications will likely play a role in future innovations in EdTech and learning.” Blackboard will also continue to support self-hosted and managed-hosted implementations indefinitely.

Read the official press release.

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