Closing The Feedback Loop In Moodle. Jessica Gramp At MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2017


This talk by University College London’s Jessica Gramp is an update from her speech a year ago at MoodleMoot UK & Ireland 2016. In fact, the development roadmap that she presents started in 2014, as her team started to realize how the “feedback loop” was not complete. Students often failed to incorporate suggestions and recommendations from their teachers in upcoming work.

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The research revealed issues in the visibility of feedback itself. An excessive number of steps and delays between the moment a student hands in an assignment and the time they receive their teacher’s comments makes the process of internalizing the advice difficult, sometimes needlessly so. Just as critical was the time between getting the feedback and putting it into practice. Gram hypothesized the “loop” could be sped up by improving the interfaces of both students and teachers. This gave birth to My Feedback, a report type plugin.

While the tool was well received, more work went into the plugin until students finally gave the team the golden reply they were looking for: a “Yes” to whether they would actually use the plugin to learn from their teachers’ comments.

Today, My Feedback improves student visualization and use of feedback with spreadsheet export and other features. It is the ongoing result of working with students and teachers and is compatible with Moodle Assignments, Workshops, Quizzes, and other activities.

As a closing remark, Gram stressed that the tool is only as good as the feedback it delivers. The real value of MyFeedback or similar plugins is in helping teachers streamline their operation so they can spend more quality time with students’ assignments.

Enable your students to view and compare their assessment feedback in Moodle at

The My Feedback plugin by Jessica Gramp can be found at the Moodle Plugin Directory.

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