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Kim Salinas, Assistant Professor at Jackson College, is also “Mentor-Assessor” for Elearning Experts, an official Moodle Partner in Virginia. in an interview with the Moodle blog, she shares some wisdom and tidbits of the Moodle Course Creator Certification (MCCC) she’s involved with, and the mobile age of learning that it sets upon us.

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The MCCC is an 8-week online program that provides official proof of professional Moodle course design and development skills. It is also a source of funding for Moodle HQ through the partners who offer it. The syllabus Elearning Experts offers has included the most recent Moodle developments, including updating the content to Moodle 3.2 and using Moodle Mobile.

To juggle both occupations, Salinas has turned Moodle into her personal hub. She can easily create or curate content into a Book or Page Activity, and it’s ready for any purpose.

When it comes to mobile, she admits to being “relatively new” to the Moodle Mobile App, but she keeps integrating it further into her workflow. Spending some time with it has revealed some of the most interesting and dependable features. She is fond of the advanced notification options in particular.

While she finds some amount of resistance among her peers about the impending rise of mobile, she’s making sure she stays on top of the wave. At the end of the day, it’s all about options. Just like mobile is not meant to take away the comforts of the desktop, people who dislike traditional settings no longer have to suffer through them. Besides, these two branches of development in usability are bound to provide mutual insight.

Be it a college or a Moodle partner, on a desk or on the go, the challenge is one and the same:

“[B]eing able to do anything online that we could do in the brick and mortar class.”

Read the full interview with Salinas, including how Jackson College offers the first online mobile Diagnostic Medical Sonography program.

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