Call For Presentations Open For MoodleMoot US 2017 Until May 8th | CONVOCATORIA ABIERTA: MoodleMoot Estados Unidos 2017

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As you may know, this year Blackboard’s largest conference, BbWorld, will host one of the two MoodleMoot US conferences in 2017. This special arrangement will allow participants access to both conferences in full. For presenters, it will be a unique opportunity to share thoughts, developments and experiences, for both LMS and EdTech worlds.

For MoodleMoot US, Blackboard has announced an Open Call for Presentations. The subject is open. There are three types that you can apply to:

Short presentation: a 15-min talk followed by a brief Q&A.

PICO (Presentation of Interactive Content): a 7-min talk.

Poster: A 1-side, full color A1 poster. Presenters must bring the poster to the Moot. Poster creator retains full copyright of the content, but must grant distribution rights to the Moot’s organization.

MoodleMoot presentations may not include self promotion.

The deadline for applying to be a presenter is Monday, May 22nd. BbWorld17 will take place in New Orleans, LA, next July 26-27.

Fees for accepted speakers to join BbWorld17 and MootUS17 is set at USD 675, or USD 400 for members of the Military, Government, or K-12 institutions.

See more about rules and requirements here.

Register for MoodleMoot US 2017 here.

Follow #MootUS17 on social media.

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