Building Flexible, Sustainable Training For The Construction Sector

How do you make sure your team remains innovative and skilled in an increasingly competitive environment? Why, through Moodle, of course.

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How do you make sure your LMS is up-to-date and serves the needs of teams working across countries and projects? Moodlerooms’ E-Learn Magazine gives us a case with one possible answer.

Centennial infrastructure company SNC-Lavalin chose Moodle to ensure quality training for a staff spread across fifty countries. It used to be that face-to-face training was customary for the industry. But, as global business becomes increasingly dynamic, demanding quick and efficient training that is both consistent and sensitive to local context, managing learning in-house became a daunting task and one that distracted the company from their core expertise.

In Colombia, SNC-Lavalin found Nivel Siete. This would allow Moodlerooms, who would later acquire the EdTech company, to turn the LMS into a learning hub with increasing breadth inside the company. It also gave flexibility to trainees while giving instructors more time to deploy detailed training materials.

Flash forward to today and SNC-Lavalin is a global player in construction and infrastructure for industries including aviation, defense, environment & geoscience, and mining & metallurgy. From the Colombian pilot, talent promotion has evolved into leadership development and excellence programs and an annual Code of Ethics certification, all still taking place on the LMS.

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