At every passing day, it gets harder to find an education center, from K-12 to Higher Ed, without an LMS (Learning Management System) as backbone. This holds true in North America or Europe. But the same cannot be said of South America yet.

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Projections of growth in the LMS market up to 2025 remain optimistic, as long as players capitalize on, among other things, the opportunities in this region. The mid-size markets, namely Argentina, Chile and Colombia, are maturing. D2L, the owner of Brightspace LMS, is increasing its presence with university contracts, to dispute the long-held dominance of Blackboard and its Moodle-based Moodlerooms offering. Canvas remains a worthy adversary, with cross-selling strategies for international institutions. Not to dismiss the massive competition in the big battlegrounds, Mexico and Brazil.

It is in this last country, Brazil, where ADAPTA, a 15-year old, fully-encompassing Moodle provider, has been awarded “Official Moodle Partner” status. This means ADAPTA can offer their Moodle services with Moodle HQ’s official support, which include:

  • Consulting
  • Theme design
  • Plugin development & software implementation
  • Hosting
  • Content development
  • Training

The Partner certification also means that a share of ADAPTA’s revenues will be directed to fund the ongoing development of the Moodle Open Source LMS technology.

ADAPTA is the fifth Moodle Partner in Brazil, and the 87th globally. In the country, it works with clients like IBM, British Gas and government offices such as the Aeronautics Ministry.

While the presence of Moodle in the Brazilian education sector is undeniable, as an Open Source technology it is difficult to assess its market share (if not meaningless). Brazil is the third largest Moodle country in terms of registered sites, with upwards of 4,400 registrations.

To get a sense of what the Moodle community (aka, the Moodleverse) and the official Moodle Partners have in store, consider coming to the XIV MoodleMoot Brasil 2017, to take place next April 27th-28th. ADAPTA takes part in the organization.

Visit ADAPTA’s site at (in Portuguese).

Read the official announcement at

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