A Dollar Invested In Employee Tech-Based Training Comes Back Multiplied In Revenues

If you take look at companies where revenue per employee is highest, and the industries to which they belong, you’ll quickly become suspicious as to the cause. Dig a little deeper and you’ll see strong evidence of the many ways that training, especially in LMS or technology-based formats, contributes to a corporation’s long-term financial and sustainability goals. A profile for Pharmaestro, LMS initiative by Bayer Pharmaceuticals Latin America, in Blackboard E-Learn Magazine, shares some insight into the process of launching an educational technology solution with an innovative training model for faster delivery.

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Professional success in the pharmaceutical industry means acknowledging the link between basic research and sophisticated sales and marketing techniques, an unassailable relationship not everyone is comfortable with. For Bayer, it was clear from the beginning that the educational investment required easy access to background information about basic science and the drug-making process, including economic and social aspects of it. The virtual library at the heart of Pharmaestro is likely unmatched as a knowledge base in this sense. (Access to Pharmaestro is available to Bayer Pharmaceuticals staff only.)

But for the fast-paced world of pharma and healthcare, it is also important to deploy an LMS solution that makes access to content as easy and engaging as possible. Courses available in Pharmaestro are reportedly highly visual and “eye-catching.” Interaction and communication with high-level teaching staff are ensured and encouraged.

It is clear that some industries are more human-intensive than others, but this does not negate the value innovative employee and team training can offer to any company, no matter its industry or size. LMS repeatedly confirms its key role in cost-saving, value-creating initiatives in the enterprise.

Read more at Blackboard E-Learn.

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