Before the final dusk of 2015, an another useful forum thread started by Fernando Acedo about What do we need to make Moodle better?which is based on the outcomes of another discussion thread “What do you want in a Moodle Theme?“.
The discussion What do you want in a Moodle Theme was started by Mary Evans to gather the feedback of Moodle users for adding new features in the Moodle themes. The forum thread was very actively responded by Moodle Community members and see’s a lot of ideas and brainstorming about Moodle themes.
So, Fernando Acedo started another thread creating a real wish list summarizing the old and new topics like:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • A new settings architecture with a better file picker and colour picker.
  • Plugins (not only themes) settings organized by tabs, menus or accordions.
  • Remove all the old code asap, mainly YUI , and replace it for jQuery.
  • Grid layout based in regions where add content (blocks) in any position.
  • Styles for blocks
  • Create a standard for course formats style to keep the site style.
  • New admin backend (Joomla have site and admin templates wink)
  • And many more..

You can also participate in the forum thread to express your ideas about the new features in Moodle themes and help Moodle improve.
What are the features and improvements you want in Moodle Themes? How we can improve the usability of a Moodle site? Do share your views in the comments below.

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