learn moodle mooc week 3 2016

Week Three of the Learn Moodle MOOC: Teaching with Moodle follows finding your way around and helping learners learn with mastering the the Moodle gradebook.

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Without further ado let’s jump right to the introductory tutorial:

Essentially, this week is all about how you, as a teacher, can assess your students using the gradebook. This week’s lessons provide an overview that explains how to set up an assignment and quiz in a course. There is also information about how to let others enter your course and let someone test out of a course.

There are a number of activities in Moodle that connect directly to the gradebook (this lesson focuses on the assignment and quiz activities). These include:

  • Assignment
  • Database (requires enabling ratings for grading)
  • External tools
  • Forum (requires enabling ratings for grading)
  • Glossary (requires enabling ratings for grading)
  • Lesson
  • QUiz
  • SCORM package
  • Workshop
  • … or your own grade items by adding them manually.

The tutorial also takes a look at some of the reporting and statistical functionality of the gradebook. Other lessons in week three include:

As rightly pointed out in the tutorial, this lesson only begins to scratch the surface of the functionality and reporting available to teachers in Moodle. Be sure to dive deeper to figure out all that Moodle can do!

What is your favorite Moodle gradebook feature? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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