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Demonstrating knowledge is a critical part in the learning process. For teachers, this means being clear about the ideas, topics and other materials that students are expected to learn as a part of lesson activities, and then testing whether or not that knowledge was acquired.

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Moodle offers instructors the opportunity to generate testing materials (i.e. questions) and store them in a Question Bank for use in course activities. These questions can then be accessed and reused for quizzes.

The folks over at Moodle Partner HRDNZ put together this video demonstration of how the Question Bank works as a part of their MoodleBites training series. Check it out below:

The walks through essentially everything you need to know about how the Question Bank works, including:

  • Adding questions to the bank
  • Creating question categories
  • Importing and exporting questions
  • Using questions in the Quiz activity
  • Tips for creating effective quizzes
  • Grading options
  • and more

You can learn more about the Question Bank at here.

How do you use the Question Bank in Moodle? Tell us your favorite tips and tricks in the comments below!

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