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It is hard to believe, but it is already time to elect a new governing committee for the Moodle Users Association. As recently announced on the MUA site, elections for 2016-2017 Committee Membership will happen this week on June 23rd during the next General Assembly Meeting (the meeting itself will happen from 1:30am to 3:00am UTC time).

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If you are a Moodle User Association Member, you can nominate yourself, or someone else to be a member of the committee. The nomination form is located online here.

The inaugural committee that has run the show over the past year has done a fantastic job of setting the stage for how the MUA can be an excellent mechanism for helping to shape the future of Moodle and an important voice for the Moodle community. As we reported last week, the MUA has moved into its final voting for which project(s) will be put into the next version of the core software.

If you love being a part of the Moodleverse, this is your opportunity to truly shape the future of the software. If you haven’t already, join the Moodle User Association and nominate / vote for the next committee this week!

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