Moodle the most popular open source LMS in the world, has its own learning curve and many first time Moodlers often find it difficult to get started with it without a proper Moodle training.

Moodle HQ conducts the Learn Moodle MOOC twice a year and apart from that there are enormous videos available on YouTube, Vimeo which will help you in learning Moodle.
Titus Learning, the UK based Moodle company has created a few detailed Moodle training videos for first time Moodle users. The topics chosen for the videos are focused on the general questions from newbie Moodlers like:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  1. Creating your first Moodle course
  2. Uploading and signposting resources
  3. Using the assignment activity
  4. Using the quiz activity
  5. Creating quizzes using hot potatoes
  6. Restrictions and activity completion
  7. Reusing and importing resources
  8. Rewarding students with badges

Check out the videos below:

If you are also having any tips or video tutorials to share with us, please use this contact form.
PS – MoodleWorld is not affiliated with Titus Learning through any means.

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