Are you looking for a good Moodle course through which you can train your staff about using Moodle? Do you need a ready-made Moodle course for Moodle training? Moodle Administrators faces a lot of challenges while preparing resources for training of the staff about using Moodle.
Recently, Troy Patterson – Director of Technology for Dearborn Public Schools, shared an awesome Moodle course created for using Moodle with the Articulated Technological Education Pathways project (ATEP) courses. The course “Using Moodle” is licensed as Creative Commons so you can use it anywhere without worrying about any licensing issues.

Free How to use Moodle training course


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Course Outline:

The course is well structured into various topics as below:

  • Getting around with Moodle – Will teach you about how to navigate, use Breadcrumbs, blocks and pages in Moodle.
  • Course Roles – you will learn about the various roles, how those roles experience Moodle and what each role can do.
  • Display control – will show you how to control what students sees.
  • Profiles – Teachers can use profiles to see information about students in one easy to find place, plus they can edit their profile to contain useful information for their students 
  • Activities – You will learn about all Moodle activities and how to use them.
  • Groups – Groups are a powerful options and in this section you  will learn how and why groups can be used to organize classes and work. 
  • Gradebook -Everything you need to know about the gradebook ….
  • Reports – Reports offer a lot of valuable information about your classes, and how your students are performing.  A powerful and easy to use tool!
  • Communication – How to communicate easily and quickly with students.

You can download your copy of the Using Moodle course from here – the OER platform for Moodle resources. I can say that this is among the few of the best Moodle training resources. You can use it directly in your Moodle training course without any worries or changes.
What are the other good resources for Moodle training? Do you want to share similar Moodle courses or other tips and tricks with other Moodle users? You can share with us in comments below or through this contact form.

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