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Gareth Barnard has been on a tear updating themes and plugins for Moodle 3.0. He recently announced the release of the update for the popular Shoehorn theme in the forums.

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Click here to get the latest version of the Shoehorn Theme.

Unless you’re very interested in geeking out on the particular line item updates (see below) the most important thing that’s changed, other than the theme is now ready for 3.0, is the addition of the Style Guide Gareth has been adding in other places. The Style Guide was adapted from the documentation for Bootstrap V2.3.2 in order to quickly and easily show how the Bootstrap framework is used within Moodle and Shoehorn styles. The guide allows you to see the effects of any changes you make – for instance changing fonts or colors.

One cool feature is that you can access the style guide even without loggin into your theme/site by going to: //yourmoodlesite/theme/shoehorn/pages/styleguide.php

Now, for those of you interested in what specifically has happened under the hood for the 3.0 update, Gareth has:

  1. Updated the .gitattributes field,
  2. Fixed the PDF annotation for Bootstrap #379,
  3. Made the link hover on iOS work properly,
  4. Fixed the Active Text color for the list group,
  5. Dealt with complaints related to TravisCI code checker,
  6. Added in an inspector scourer, and
  7. Gotten rid of lots of redundant includes that were in the auto loaded classes.

Click here to get the latest version of the Shoehorn Theme.

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