The Official Teaching With Moodle MOOC Is Up, Don’t Miss Out!


The “Teaching with Moodle” MOOC, brought to you by Moodle HQ, has just started. It’s a great opportunity to meet Moodle  (and fellow Moodlers) if you have not before. It will also introduce you to the “Moodleverse” and community of instructors and developers.

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Moodle is such a robust platform that getting started with it can be daunting at the beginning. Exacerbating the learning curve is the fact that there are dozens of tools at your disposal right out of the box. “Teaching with Moodle” MOOC is a simple and free way to get started and will introduce you to the fundamentals. Learning to use Moodle, be it for leisure or to advance technical and pedagogical skills, can be very rewarding. It can be even more so when you’re part of a cohort of learners and there’s a certificate at the end of the course!

Week 1 is all about getting familiar with the basics of Moodle. You’ll join the international community of learners who represent all kinds of industries and causes. From animal welfare activists, to Tokyo design students, surely you’ll meet interesting Moodlers sharing the experience! To see a complete list of participants, sign up, then follow this link.

You will have access to a blank Moodle of your own. You will set it up and add some blocks. Optional activities include a chat on Thursday, a live session on Sunday, and creating a blog. Blogs are one of Moodle’s trademark features.

The course will run for 4 weeks ending September 4th. While class started 8/7 you can sign up any time and easily catch up. The content will be available for some weeks after it ends.

Mary Cooch is the course facilitator. Mary (aka the @Moodlefairy) has been a teacher for more than 30 years, she also helps create Moodle Documentation and ensures that demo sites are up to date. You will notice Mary’s practical focus and finely honed presentation skills throughout the course. Accompanying Mary for LearnMoodle, as always, is Helen Foster, Moodle’s community organizer. Meet them here.

Still on the fence? Maybe some words of encouragement from Martin Dougiamas, the Moodler himself can persuade you?

To register go to There is also a dedicated Teaching with Moodle app for Android and iOS that will give you access to the full course.


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