Share Your Constructive Thoughts On Moodle 3.2’s “Boost” Theme: QA Cycle Starting

Come To Our (Res) Q… A Testing For Moodle 3.2

Moodle HQ’s Test Automator Rajesh Taneja is inviting you to participate in the quality assessment of “Boost”, Moodle’s latest theme.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Boost is the result of an active discussion among top moodlers that took place in the past months. It reflects the forum thread started by Damyon Wiese, the moodle development proposal page, and Moodle creator Martin Dougiamas talk on the recent MoodleMoot AU.

Perform QA by visiting Choose Boost on the “Theme selector” dropdown on the header.

Visit the full site using manager, teacher or student1student10 as username; and test as password.

Issue MDL-55070 on the Moodle Tracker gathers all things out of place in Boost. It is an “epic” which collects the several Moodle 3.2 theme and navigation issues.

To become an official Moodle tester, go to the forum and express your interest. Close to the beginning on the cycle you will receive log in instructions and access to the Moodle Tracker group, to report on the Issue. Testers will be able to assign themselves to specific unassigned tests, which are repetitive tasks to perform on your 3.2 Moodle with “debugging” set to “developer”. You will also be able to use except for tests with the test_server_required label.

Find out more about QA and testing of previous Moodle versions in the developer documentation.

The QA Cycle will begin on Monday, October 31st. See Taneja’s thread here.


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