Paradiso's CEO On The Importance Of Learning Professionals and Systems Like Moodle In Industries At Large

One of the most rewarding things about being part of the learning industry is the visible ripples one professional can have throughout entire organizations. It helps when the organizations are primed for change, and Learning or Human Resources officers are regarded as boosters of knowledge, skill and innovation.

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Even if only a few players acknowledge it, learning management is as critical a task as a company’s operational mission. We are at a stage where the bulk of the challenges are yet to be recognized economy-wide. And in the opinion of Sach Chaudhari, CEO of learning company Paradiso Solutions, it is the perfect storm for an ambitious efforts to promote LMS, such as Moodle, and learning professionals as supporters against the challenges faced by businesses large and small.

Chaudhari shares the 9 critical challenges businesses face right now where learning services and systems should play a role. It’s rate of progress overcoming them will not only allow current industries to stay afloat, but to take part in the future:

  1. For starters, dealing with change.
  2. To shoulder large-scale change initiatives, developing leaders.
  3. To reinforce a culture, engaging learners.
  4. To maintain the fragile momentum of change, delivering consistent training.
  5. To promote transparency and a closer feedback, tracking skills application.
  6. To manage risk in learning, instill conflict management skills.
  7. To consolidate and empower successful initiatives and their authors, quantifying training effectiveness.
  8. To sustain the status of a knowledge-centric practice, improving learning effectiveness.
  9. To conquer marketing’s modern holy grail, adapting training to millenials.

To conclude, Chaudhari envisions a solutions model, equal parts LMS and professional support, on a loop that feeds on automation and continuous learning. The role of Moodle in corporate training is a factor to count in.

The compounding positive spillovers of a learning culture seem to have no end across all business fronts and for all stakeholders. Chaudhari lists customers, employees, government and regulatory agencies and all communication partners as beneficiaries. Organizations with “Fear of Missing Out” (FoMO) are welcome to contact Paradiso or a Moodle Partner right away.

Read the full sales think piece by Chaudhari here.

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Is your industry embracing the support of learning systems and professionals? Share your challenges in the comments!

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