Mouse-Free Text Editing In Moodle With Marklar Plugin

Marklar is a Markdown friendly alternative to the default Atto text editor in Moodle. Markdown is an easy way to give some format to a text without having to select and click anything. Unlike HTML, it depends on characters to give format instead of hard-to-memorize labels.

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Many professionals and academics like Markdown because it is platform independent. From a notepad or the console, you can fire up a quick text with headers, sections, lists and links. Figures and code snippets are easy to embed as well.

Markdown is also embraced by online communities where writing is standard. Some may also add functionality or add their unique flavor. Reddit, Tumblr and GitHub are just some in a long list of places that allow Markdown editing.

Programmers, particularly data scientists, use the R programming language to develop models and plug them with data. Its simplicity allows basic programs to generate formatted content. R Markdown lets them create research reports that embed code and results, all in one single document.

Markdown is easy to learn. Words and sentences enclosed within single * will turn them into italics, within ** into bold. Single apostrophes ‘ will wrap monospace text, which is great to show code. And so on.

Check Markdown article on Wikipedia for a longer example with an HTML comparison.

David Mudrák, an evident South Park fan, created and maintains Marklar. The latest release, compatible with Moodle 3.0 and 3.1 fixes some weird messages that appeared out of place.

Despite being launched this month, this new version has already surpassed the downloads of the previous one.

Download Marklar from its official Moodle page and extract the folder into lib/editor. In your admin page, you will find Marklar as an alternative in the list of Text editors.

Check out Marklar on GitHub, where you can also report bugs and edits, here.

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