Davo Smith, Senior Developer from Synergy Learning shared his presentation over the topic “From Itch to Integration” – How new features are added in Moodle, during the MoodleMoot Ireland UK 2016 (#MootIEUK16).
Many times while using Moodle, we often feel the need of new features which are not there in Moodle. The Pecha Kucha presentation by Davo Smith is all about the process of  integrating these features requests into Moodle core.
Check out the video recording of the session below and download the presentation file through this link.

When you conceive an idea of anything new in Moodle, you need to follow these key points as summarized by Davo:

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • Create a new Moodle Tracker issue here.
  • Gather Interest in Moodle forums about the issue.
  • Get as many votes as possible to the Tracker issue to raise the issue profile.
  • When the issue got significant votes, the developers from Moodle HQ or others will start developing for the issue.
  • Developers work with following Moodle coding guidelines and include automated tests.
  • Dev’s share the patch through GitHub which is checked automatically by CiBot.
  • The code is then peer reviewed by other developers and put for integration review after making other changes.
  • The code is then added to the integration repository and if approved added to the Moodle developers version.
  • The code is also backported for currently supported versions of Moodle if its an improvement.
  • Again the code goes under severe automated and manual testing during the QA testing.
  • The feature becomes a part of the next Moodle release

Have you ever contributed for a new feature in Moodle? Let us know your experience in comments below.

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