Juan Leyva (Official Moodle Mobile App developer) along with Daniel Palou has presented about “Moodle Mobile SCORM 1.2 Player” during the recently concluded MoodleMoot Ireland UK 2016 (#MootIEUK16). The capability to play the SCORM packages in the Mobile App was introduced in Moodle Mobile 2.8 version with online and offline packages.
In the presentation Juan presents about the features of the SCORM player, offline capabilities, requirements, technical details and tips for creating friendly SCORM packages which can be used on all kind of mobile devices.
You can check out the Moodle Mobile SCORM player presentation below or through this link

If you are interested in creating Mobile friendly Moodle courses, then register for the free Moodle Mobile MOOC by HRDNZ starting 01st July. Please note that the course is available for the first 1000 participants only.
What are the features you would like to be included in the Moodle Mobile App? Do let us know in the comments below.

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