Learning Analytics – the term used to identify the student behavior and optimize the learning environment to improve upon the ROI on learning, is widely used by many commercial vendors. The Learning analytics tools can be integrated within LMS or works as a standalone system but the empirical validation of the metrics needed for these tools is limited.
Elizabeth Dalton – Research Analyst for Moodle HQ, presented during the recently concluded MoodleMoot Australia 2016, about the new project under development by Moodle HQ, that will allow the entire Moodle community to participate in this validation process.
You can check out the recording of the presentation below:

I am waiting for more details about this project from Moodle HQ but in my opinion after  watching this presentation, Moodle HQ is going in the correct direction for the learning analytics project. Let’s hope for the best and wait for more details.
UPDATE – The specifications for Learning Analytics including an API and interfaces for presenting the information is documented here.
Which learning behaviors would you like to be reported by the learning analytics tools? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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