Moodle Jobs database is a great collection of Job postings by Moodle community members to start your career with Moodle services like Development, Consultancy, Administration, Support etc. Here are the latest 5 job postings from Moodle Jobs database posted in past one week, which may be of interest for you:

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  • Developer – Template Update –  We need help uploading a new template and walking through the modules to ensure they work that template.
  • PHP Analyst Developer – IT Services team is a seeking engaging and dynamic senior PHP developer to help develop our services in a rapidly expanding e-Learning market. Ideally this would have been with the Moodle learning management system where you would have created and modified Moodle plugins.
  • Moodle Specialist (Development / Administration / Support) – University of Ulm is looking for a Moodle Specialist who will be working with us full-time for the next two years. Please see the announcement (in german) here.
  • Développeur MoodleWe are seeking a Moodle developer for the realization of a short-term mission: setting up an e-learning platform Moodle LMS.
  • Moodle Assistant – The Academy for Health Coaching is a small niche training company working in the healthcare sector, training healthcare professionals and others in motivational interviewing and health coaching. We have also started to develop some personal development courses around stress, resilience and wellbeing.

Check out the latest postings in Moodle jobs database here. What is your ideal career option with Moodle? Do let us know in the comments below.

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