Moodle Design As An Extension Of Branding. Raleigh International Theme By HowToMoodle

What goes into a designer’s mind when he decides to create their own flavor of Moodle? An interview with Alistar Mackay over at How To Moodle reveals some of what went through his head. Mackay is not a designer. Rather, he is the Learning and Development Manager at Raleigh International, an UK-based non-profit. He commissioned the theme development to the How To Moodle guys.

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He began with a simple request. To make the Moodle site match the look and feel of the whole Raleigh web experience. Saudi green over white background, non-serif fonts and lots of photographs characterize Raleigh’s site.

How To Moodle uses their Brand It! theme for their branding assignments. In this sense, it is more suitable to call Raleigh’s design a “skin”.

Mackay wanted to maintain the “strong imagery” from the website. But he also was adamant that small elements coincided across the experience. Quick-link boxes and navigation bar items should stay the same.

The website in my opinion does a good job of showing what Raleigh is about, through photo, text and figures. It does not clutter the eye. The newest versions of Moodle make it easier not to overwhelm the user. But designers still play an important role in “nudging” instructors about spacing and breaking down content.

While Raleigh’s Moodle has not been open to students, Mackay seems content. He is fond of the “multi-tenancy” feature of Brand it! that allows for many group experiences within the same Moodle.

See the full interview here.

How To Moodle is a Moodle Partner. This means they contribute to Moodle’s ongoing development. How to Moodle is also a MoodleNews advertiser.

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