Merry Moodle 3.2 Holidays! Post 'Boost' Rally For Theme Development

Even before the December launch of the “Boost” theme, Moodlers everywhere were already thinking about how to improve on its “powerful new features“. The developers knew this, in fact, one of the “hidden features” of the Moodle 3.2 theme are broader customizations options that allow a personalized Moodle without needing to install another theme. This is possible mostly because of the new compatibility with mustache templates, and
SCSS preprocessing which enables layout variables.

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But due to some basic requests that “Boost” does not fulfill yet, an initiative by Welsh Moodler Richard Oelmann has received favorability. Oelmann’s “Waxed”, a child theme stemming from “Boost”, adds features like:

  • Logos and social media icons.
  • Presets added to the presets folder will appear automatically on the presets dropdown menus. “Waxed” comes with several presets more than “Boost”.
  • Color pickers to complement SCSS settings.
  • A “footnote setting” to add content.
  • Background images for headings and footers.

So, should you go straight to “Waxed”? Maybe not so fast. A reply by Mary Evans suggests more customization options for “Boost” are coming, including improvement for SCSS and LESS recognition, and redefinition on variables on a boost/scss/bootstrap/variable.scss file.  It is possible to edit “Boost”‘s headers and footers but it is difficult “as there are no official tutorials yet“, she admits. Furthermore, Oelmann agrees that templates have some limitations, binding both “Boost” and “Waxed”.

Get “Waxed” by visiting the GitHub repository.

A preliminary guide on customizing “Boost” and setting up child themes is available in the official Moodle Documentation.

We are officially collecting impressions on Moodle 3.2 and “Boost”. Please contact us if you want to share.


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