Since last month when Blackboard Inc. was announced as the latest Moodle Partner (as covered in this post), many community members were excited about the future of Moodle as well as open source initiative taken by Blackboard and the impacts of this Blackboard partnership with Moodle.
MoodleRooms has shared a video interview of Martin Dougiamas – CEO & Founder of Moodle and Phillip Miller – Vice President of International Open Source Services for Blackboard recorded on 29th March 2016 in Madrid, Spain checking their views about this new partnership.
During the interview Martin shares his views about the future roadmap of Moodle, impact of having Blackboard as Moodle partner on future roadmap of Moodle, changes coming in 2016 like – Mobile friendly Moodle experience, improving Usability experience and Integration with other systems, and the steps to be taken to improve this collaboration with Blackboard. Martin also said about the increasing community bonding between Moodle users through MoodleMoots which have grown in the past few years.
Phillip Miller also express his future plans with open source initiatives and speaks about the impact on the 12 countries which are covered under this agreement between Moodle and Blackboard, plans about offering Moodle services in Spain which emerged out to be the Second country with more Moodle registered installations, Blackboard strategy with open source software’s. Phillips also discussed about BB contribution towards improving the Moodle software.
You can watch the complete video interview below or check out this direct link

We are also excited about this new endeavor of Blackboard with Moodle and would like to know your views about future of Moodle and Blackboard in the comments below.

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