In Utah, Mountain Heights Top-Of-The-Line In Fully Online K-12

Moodleroom’s E-Learning Magazine featured an interview with DeLaina Tonks, director of the highest rated tuition-free public, online charter school in Utah.

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There are special challenges when offering a complete online experience for students in grades 7th to 12th. It must provide the flexibility online learning is known for, while ensuring weekly oversight of their activities. It must provide content that allows them to be leaders in their local communities. And it cannot underestimate the importance of socialization in such critical stage of life.

The model devised by the Board of Directors for Mountain Heights Academy begins with top quality faculty. They have tools and flexibility to customize contents to meet individual student’s needs. More than 500 students started school year with Mountain Heights, with over 200 more joined in part-time modality.

Openness is a key to success in this, still-developing concept. All students are welcome, in fact diversity is among their best assets when it comes to learning about users. They come from homeschooling backgrounds or time-constrained situations. And, 12th graders have access to university courses.

Mountain Heights Academy offers individualized interaction between students and teachers, guarantee responsiveness from administrative staff, and recurrent face-to-face community events, among their most liked features. The platform to make it all possible: Moodlerooms LMS, mixed with Genius SIS (Student Information System).

«[It] is an integral part of our school. It is essentially our “campus,” where all of our courses “live.”»

Mountain Heights Academy boasts a 95% graduation rate for seniors who begin the year with them. Last year, it was the recipient of Best of State Prize in the K-12 Online Education Category. Tonks attributes this to “data-driven instruction, teacher interaction and a customizable, open educational resource curriculum“. She is confident Mountain Heights is only a taste of the future in terms of K-12 online education.

Read the full interview at Moodleroom’s E-Learn Magazine.

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