Snap is Moodleroom‘s official theme. It gives the Moodle based solution a distinctive look. But it might also give a competitive edge, learning-wise.

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In a recent article on E-Learning Magazine, Moodlerooms’ gazette, features an interview with Stuart Lamour. Lamour is Moodleroom’s official User Experience Engineering, a role not every design team has the fortune to count on.

Moodle provides learners, teachers and administrators a flexible machinery that allows for virtually any learning experience. With Snap, Moodlerooms launches a “revolutionary workflow” on top of Moodle, “for creating and engaging in great learning experiences“.

Lamour does not believe Moodle should come with instructions. “Reducing the time and effort spent reading a manual and learning to use a system, increases the time you can spend engaging.”

To make his vision a reality, Lamour devised his “intrinsic delight” method. Intuitiveness and appeal that gives a student the comfort to participate. Confidence and personalization are essential for engagement.

The design of Snap “reinforces the social nature of learning through interaction“. Students can customize their experience, so in a sense, feedback and conversation with teachers and peers are building blocks which the students use to build their unique homes of knowledge.

Humanity is at the core of Snap. Lamour’s “anthropomorphic approach” gives the user a sense of emotional attributes across the experience. This counters the confrontational nature of the relationship we tend to have with new technology. Especially for applications that are “frustrating, time-consuming, and make us feel stupid“. Features for which no learning system should be known.

Not only Snap lends itself to a joyous learning experience. It is also good for business. On the one hand, a friendly platform is a reflection of a friendly brand. The opposite case is true for an unfriendly platform. On the other hand, the attentiveness of a unique learning experience makes people wanting to try Snap, despite the immeasurable amount of free information online. People choose to use Snap, to relate with it. Which also encourages honest feedback.

Access the Snap Theme for your Moodle installation in its GitHub repo here.

And read the full post at Moodlerooms’ E-Learning Magazine.

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