Stephen Dann thought teaching students had its fair share of hardships. Then he had to teach teachers. At the recent AU Moot, Dann shares his experiences introducing faculty to Moodle, on assignment for the Australian National University.

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With creativity, “a little bit of education pedagogy, a touch of change management, a dash of social change marketing, and double batch of innovation adoption theory“, Dann laughs victorious.

While a complex endeavor altogether, current staff and new hires experienced Dann’s training differently. It appeared that the track to tenure is a haven for “late adopters”, which he diagnosed as having the “three Rs: Reluctance, Reticence, Resistance“. Under these walls, as emotional as psychological, some unfair feelings of inadequacy seemed to be flourishing. Dann would find, in elements of innovation theory and a model of change management, ways to make inroads into these situations which are not exclusive of older learners and still remain difficult to deal with across classrooms. New hires were usually younger and more adept, but not exactly digital natives.

This experience led to what he names “Minimum Viable Presence”, or a way to expose worried prospective Moodlers with as little Moodle as possible in a way that was productive and within quality standards. The training started small and would increase over time. Along with technical skills, he included personal skills such as resilience.

Dann’s examples of activities to get newcomers’ feet wet in the Moodle Ocean are:

  • Upload a file
  • Create a label
  • Add a link
  • Create an assessment.

Watch Dann’s talk here.

Download the slides (PDF) in the MoodleMoot talk page.


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